Can Stress Cause Chronic High Blood Pressure?

Stress is a part of everyday life and in many ways is unavoidable. Taking steps to minimize the impact stress has on your daily life can not only help you feel and function better, it lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases. While stress isn’t directly linked with chronic elevations in blood pressure, there are several indirect ways stress negatively impacts blood pressure levels. What’s more, it’s shown that activities that relieve stress lower blood pressure. Read on

How Your Weight Affects Your Diabetes Risk

More than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, and a staggering 100 million adults are now living with diabetes. Both conditions increase the risk of heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States. Understanding the connection between obesity and diabetes can help you protect your health and lower your risks for serious health problems down the line. Obesity a risk factor for diabetes Body mass index is a tool used to estimate body fat based on height

Body Contouring is the Perfect End to Your Weight Loss Journey

Enjoy the satisfaction of showing off your hard work this summer by hitting the beach with confidence. Body contouring offers an excellent way to refine your body after slimming down by smoothing out those last problem areas where small pockets of fat and loose skin tend to hang around. Following significant weight loss, areas like your abdomen, arms, and buttocks may continue to look flabby despite all of your hard work. For men and women seeking a non-invasive treatment for

Turn Back the Clock with Facial Rejuvenation

When aging, acne and too much time in the sun leave your face looking tired, dull and blemished. Skin resurfacing is an excellent solution to restore your skin’s youthfulness, so your skin appears healthier and more vibrant. With today’s technology, it’s now possible to address a wide variety of skin issues from blotchiness to fine lines without surgery or cutting. NeoGen uses a breakthrough technology to help men and women achieve their aesthetic goals. What is NeoGen? NeoGe

When Should You Consider Medical Weight Loss?

Yo-yo dieting, counting points, deprivation diets – if you’re one of the more than 2 in 3 adults considered overweight or obese, you’ve likely tried everything to lose weight and keep it off. If you follow a DIY weight loss program precisely, you’ll likely lose weight initially, but the chances of keeping it off are slim. That’s because weight loss requires changing behaviors and the way you think about food. At Carley Family Care, our team supports you on your weight loss jo

How SculpSure® Can Give You the Body You Want Without the Side Effects of Surgery

Healthy eating and fitness are cornerstones of weight management, but just eating right and getting some exercise aren’t always enough to give you the body you want. That’s because certain types of fat in areas like the abdomen are often resistant to even the strictest diet and exercise regimens. When you’re doing everything right and still plagued with pudgy pockets of fat that prevent you from realizing your ideal figure, there is help, and it doesn’t require cutting or ane

NeoGen: A Non-Invasive Mini Facelift to Restore and Regenerate Your Skin

Move over lasers, the latest advancement in skin resurfacing has arrived. While laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent option to address many skin issues, NeoGen is a breakthrough alternative that can help you achieve a glowing, youthful complexion. This new technology uses plasma energy to regenerate skin, banishing common skin concerns. If you’re tired of wrinkles, sagging skin and blemishes, then you’re ready for NeoGen skin rejuvenation treatment. What is NeoGen? NeoGen

10 Tips to Prevent Overeating During Spring Outings

Keeping up healthy eating habits during the spring is often challenging. Warmer weather usually means a no-holds-barred bonanza of indulging in your favorite foods at picnics, parties, and cookouts. With all that great food, you can easily find yourself having an all-out binge-fest. Before you know it, you’ve packed on ten unexpected pounds. The good news is, you can still enjoy outings with a few tricks to keep your appetite in check. Tip #1: Have a plan Having a plan before

Best and Worst Foods for Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has reached epidemic proportions. More than 100 million Americans are living with hypertension and many are unaware they have it. High blood pressure is a sneaky condition. It often has no symptoms, but quietly damages your body. If you have hypertension, getting your blood pressure under control plays a vital role in protecting your heart and preventing complications like heart attack and stroke. In many instances, the cause of high blood pressure is unid

How Osteopathy Can Help Prevent Sports Injuries

Your body is an incredibly complex machine that, when working properly, allows you to enjoy a wonderfully active lifestyle. Sports are a great way to spend time with friends, keep fit, and optimize your health for a long and happy life. But when an injury takes you out of the game, you’re left wondering whether there was anything you could have done to avoid the forced time-out. Here at Carley Family Care, we encourage our Kings Mountain, North Carolina, patients of all ages

Menopause Doesn't Have to Mean Painful Sex: Learn How Surgery-free & Hormone-Free THERMIva® Can Help

For years, women have watched as men’s sexual health garnered all the spotlight and research dollars in order to ensure that they were able to enjoy healthy and active sex lives as they aged. In the end, the resulting “blue pill” has helped millions of men, but women were left out in the cold. Until now. Thanks to forward-thinking manufacturers and medical experts, women now have the tools to address their sexual health as they age and we’re pleased to be a part of this movem

10 Tips for Sticking to Your Weight Loss Program While on Vacation

Vacation is time to drop the rules, drop the routine, and experience the freedom. However, if you’re in a weight loss program, you may not want to lose the momentum. It can be a difficult battle, particularly when you’re faced with exotic food choices, endless buffets, and tempting tropical drinks. You already know that excess calories are tucked away everywhere, and now you’re outside your typical, safe choices. So what can you do? You’ve already tapped into some inner self-

Learn Why Everyone is Talking About Non-Surgical Fat Reduction With SculpSure

You’ve tried everything. You’ve eaten paleo, gluten-free, keto friendly. You’ve attended enough spin classes to bike around the world. But you still have stubborn fat. It may be on your thighs, under your chin, or those pesky “love handles,” but it’s there regardless of how hard you work. It’s more than discouraging. But now there’s hope. A new treatment has been approved by the FDA that has beauty pundits talking. It’s called SculpSure and it is taking the world by storm. Wh

What causes cellulite and can I get rid of it?

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog from anywhere. In this blog post we’ll share the ways you can post to your Wix Blog. Cellulite is a common problem that goes by many names. Some call it “cottage-cheese” while others refer to it as “orange-peel skin,” and it’s even known as “hail damage” or “the mattress phenomenon.” Whatever name you have for it, this unsightly condition changes the appearance of your skin by creating dimples, depressions, and sa