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About Carley Family Care

Comprehensive Family Medicine & Aesthetic Medicine Practice located in Kings Mountain, NC

The Carley Family Care MEDICAL PRACTICE welcomes people of all ages from the surrounding areas around the community of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, who need medical care. The entire team of this family medicine practice VALUES each individual, taking time to LISTEN to your health needs, then TREATING the issues that affect your WELL-BEING, from physical problems to mental stressors.

Dr. Carley and Dr. Bouttamy are fully licensed physicians and Doctors at Carley Family Care providing a MEDICAL HOME style of family medicine, sports medicine, osteopathic manipulative therapy to care for patients. 


Carley Family Care offers outstanding access for a primary care office in the region including offering same-day office visits for established patients and providing all members 24/7 physician phone coverage.   Off-hours our patients can call our on-call line to directly reach the on-call doctor's cell phone. 


We accept Medicare and almost all private insurances because we are part of a larger group of physicians (Raleigh Durham Medical Group Associates) and also offer unbelievable time-of-service self-pay rates for our primary care services (because we are allowed to function independently).


Apply today to join our family practice medical home. Space for new patients may be limited and selective. It may take time to be accepted and enrolled so please do not wait. Call (704) 734-4550 or simply stop by to fill out a new patient application packet.


We can perform wellness examinations, physicals, commercial driver evaluations and illness screenings.  We evaluate and help manage the full range of conditions seen by family physicians including hypertension, diabetes, asthma, gastrointestinal and genitourinary disorders, sinus problems, skin conditions and growths, musculoskeletal disorders, mood disorders, fatigue and malaise, weight issues and metabolism disorders.  We offer a tremendous range of traditional and cutting-edge services.


The MEDICAL SPA at Carley Family Care offers amazing aesthetic services including weight loss clinic visits, body-contouring and tightening with THERMISMOOTHbody, THERMISMOOTHface, SculpSure laser fat destruction, and THERMIva feminine rejuvenation.


The MEDICAL SPA at Carley Family Care is available to the ENTIRE public and other physicians patients and does NOT require membership in the medical home primary care services.  Simply call or text Crystal at (704) 974 0298 to arrange your free consultation; alternatively, you may email and/or follow us and message us on facebook @CarleyMedSpa.

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