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How SculpSure® Can Give You the Body You Want Without the Side Effects of Surgery

Healthy eating and fitness are cornerstones of weight management, but just eating right and getting some exercise aren’t always enough to give you the body you want. That’s because certain types of fat in areas like the abdomen are often resistant to even the strictest diet and exercise regimens.

When you’re doing everything right and still plagued with pudgy pockets of fat that prevent you from realizing your ideal figure, there is help, and it doesn’t require cutting or anesthesia. SculpSure® is the non-surgical secret weapon that can help you attain your aesthetic goals.

Your ideal body awaits

Areas like the abdominals are notorious for storing fat that’s difficult to get rid of. When diet and exercise have taken you as far as you can go, surgery-free body contouring options can pick up the baton and get you to the finish line.

The specialists at Carley Family Care offer a wide variety of wellness and aesthetic services designed to help you become the best version of yourself inside and out. Whether you’re contending with love handles, flabby arms, or a double chin, SculpSure® can eliminate unwanted pockets of fat to refine and smooth your body. Find out how you can have your ideal figure with the help of this revolutionary non-surgical breakthrough.

SculpSure® system

SculpSure® is a cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment that can destroy fat in problem areas, such as:

FlanksAbdomenBackInner thighsOuter thighs

The SculpSure® body contouring system uses heat energy to eliminate unwanted fat cells. The device reaches therapeutic temperatures and delivers controlled heat deep beneath the skin to penetrate the most stubborn fat cells in the body. The result is a slimmer, smoother body and more refined body contour, all without the risks associated with surgery.

Benefits of SculpSure® include:

Eliminates 24% of fat per treatment areaZero downtimeNon-surgical treatmentQuick resultsFDA-cleared technologyTargeted fat reductionPermanent fat removal.

How does SculpSure® work?

Fat cells are notorious for sticking around in certain areas despite diet and exercise efforts. The good news is, fat has a weakness. Fat cells are temperature sensitive. When cooled or heated to a certain temperature, fat cells become damaged beyond repair. SculpSure® heats fat cells to between 107 and 115 degrees, effectively destroying them in each treatment area.

This temperature is hot enough to eliminate fat cells while leaving surrounding skin and tissues unharmed. After SculpSure® works its magic, your body’s natural detoxification system jumps into action, gradually eliminating damaged fat cells from the body for good.

Why is heating better than fat freezing?

At Carley Family Care, we can heat up your stubborn fat pockets and destroy 24% of the fat cells vs only 23% that comes with fat freezing (all without freeze burning the surface of your skin). The even distribution of heat from the SculpSure® device results in a gradual tapering effect of fat destruction, instead of the shark bite divots that could be caused by an uneven freezing application. Lumpiness of the tissue is also less common with laser heating. Unlike freezing devices, SculpSure® offers more flexibility with placement and location, so you can more easily target the areas you want treated. When treatment is complete, SculpSure® will keep your skin barrier looking slightly pink for a few hours, but you won’t have downtime or have to worry about dressings. Overall, SculpSure® is more effective, cost comparable, and much less likely to damage skin than fat freezing. It really is a no brainer... if you’re thinking of freezing away unwanted fat, consider the improved benefits and lower risks of laser heating with SculpSure® instead.

SculpSure® versus diet and exercise

When you lose weight through diet and exercise, fat cells shrink and you look slimmer as a result. However, those same fat cells can expand again at any point in the future, making weight regain common.

The fat cells SculpSure® destroys, on the other hand, are gone for good. Because these fat cells won’t return, you’ll remain more slender-looking if you do gain weight than if you rely on diet and exercise alone, because you’ll have fewer fat cells.

Continuing healthy eating and exercise is the best way to maintain your SculpSure® results.   

Quick treatment without surgery

Attaining the figure of your dreams has never been easier. SculpSure® treatment fits into the busiest of schedules. Aesthetic medicine specialist Dr. Jeffrey Carley treats each area quickly and safely.

You can walk in and out of the office in approximately 25 minutes per treatment area, plus minor prep time. Following treatment, you can return to work, the gym, and your normal daily activities immediately.

Fast results

Following SculpSure® treatment, the body’s lymphatic system gradually removes damaged fat cells over the course of several weeks. Most patients see quick results in as few as six weeks. Optimal results are usually seen in as few as 12 weeks.

Individualized treatment

SculpSure® is a completely customizable system that allows Dr. Carley to design an individualized treatment plan to address your needs and meet your aesthetic goals. The plan will address your problem areas to help you achieve your ideal body. Dr. Carley can combine SculpSure® with other aesthetic technologies for the ultimate in refinement.  

If you’re tired of counting calories and sweating it out in the gym, then you’re ready for SculpSure®. To learn more about non-surgical fat removal with SculpSure® and our other aesthetic services, call our Kings Mountain, NC, office to schedule your initial consultation or book online at your convenience.

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