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Body Contouring is the Perfect End to Your Weight Loss Journey

Enjoy the satisfaction of showing off your hard work this summer by hitting the beach with confidence. Body contouring offers an excellent way to refine your body after slimming down by smoothing out those last problem areas where small pockets of fat and loose skin tend to hang around. 

Following significant weight loss, areas like your abdomen, arms, and buttocks may continue to look flabby despite all of your hard work. For men and women seeking a non-invasive treatment for cellulite and sagging skin, ThermiSmooth® may be the answer. 

ThermiSmooth Body

With today’s technology, you can reduce cellulite, tighten your skin, and rejuvenate your face and body. ThermiSmooth Body® is a cutting-edge device designed to improve your body contour from head to toe.

At Carley Family Care, we’re proud to offer ThermiSmooth Body and ThermiSmooth Face® to address your aesthetic concerns and help you feel great at the end of your weight loss journey and beyond. The ThermiSmooth system addresses:

CelluliteFacial wrinklingSkin laxityTexture issues

ThermiSmooth helps tighten and tone the following areas:



Upper arms


Around the eyes

How ThermiSmooth works

The ThermiSmooth system uses radio-frequency (RF) energy to increase the temperature of the skin. Doing so stimulates your body’s natural ability to produce new collagen, the protein from which your skin is made. With built-in temperature control, ThermiSmooth uses precise heat to promote skin tightening and improve the appearance of cellulite. Skin remains unharmed, making the procedure safe and effective.

Results of Thermismooth

Most patients notice an improvement in their body contour with no cutting, pain, or downtime. The results depend on various factors, including your starting body composition. Following ThermiSmooth you may see subtle, moderate, or dramatic changes. 

Most patients can expect to see improvement for up to 10 months from the last treatment. ThermiSmooth is an excellent maintenance treatment men and women can add to their regular aesthetic regimen.

What can you expect from ThermiSmooth?

ThermiSmooth is a fast, effective, in-office treatment with excellent results. Once in the office, our skilled technicians use a special handpiece to deliver precise heating to the surface of the skin. You can expect to feel the handpiece glide over the target areas. 

Your comfort and safety are our top priority. ThermiSmooth treatment is painless. Most patients relax and read a book or listen to music through headphones. Once the treatment is complete, patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately.

How is ThermiSmooth different?

Unlike other treatments, ThermiSmooth is safe for all skin tones and types, and can be used on all body areas from head to toe. Treatment can tighten and lift your breasts, tummy, and buttocks without the risks and extended recovery time associated with traditional procedures. 

While invasive procedures often provide dramatic results quickly, ThermiSmooth offers men and women who want to avoid surgery a non-invasive option for perfecting their body contour.

Who can ThermiSmooth help?

ThermiSmooth can help men and women of all ages achieve a smoother, tighter, and more appealing body contour. Whether your problem areas are flabby arms, sagging buttocks, or small pockets of abdominal fat, ThermiSmooth is designed to provide noticeable results. Final results may not be seen for 9-10 months.  

Making the most of ThermiSmooth body contouring

A few tips can help you make the most of your ThermiSmooth treatment. A few days leading up to treatment it’s highly beneficial to drink plenty of liquids. Aiming for 12 cups a day for three days before treatment helps hydrate your cells. Hydrated cells tolerate heat better and promote a more successful result.

Avoiding direct sun exposure for 24 hours prior to your treatment can help also. It’s a good idea to avoid tanning beds as well. This promotes the ideal outcome. Your provider will answer questions and provide full preparation information to help ensure the best results.

It’s no longer necessary to undergo surgery and painful recovery to improve your body contour. If you’re ready to smooth and tighten your body with no downtime, then you’re ready for the benefits of ThermiSmooth. 

To schedule your initial consultation, contact our Kings Mountain, North Carolina, office. Booking online using our convenient online scheduling tool offers a convenient way to send your request. 

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