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The office offers extensive and traditional and cutting-edge in-house services to enhance that experience currently including the following:


(1) radiological services: bone density testing (DEXA) and ultrasounds,


(2) cardiopulmonary services: echocardiography, cardiopulmonary stress testing, holter monitors, electrocardiograms and pulmonary function testing


(3) laboratory services such as urinalysis, urine drug testing, blood draws and nearly complete labcorp(R) laboratory services,


(4) musculoskeletal services including osteopathic manipulative therapy and joint injections,


(5) dermatologic services: skin biopsies and excisions, incision and drainage, laceration repair, wound care, cryotherapy destruction of growths


(6) aesthetic MEDICAL SPA services: weight loss clinic visits, body-contouring and tightening with THERMISMOOTHbody, THERMISMOOTHface, SculpSure laser fat removal, THERMIva feminine rejuvenation,


(7) gyno-urological services: kidney, bladder and pelvic ultrasound, pelvic and pap examinations, THERMIva vaginal rejuvenation.

Carley Family Care

 No matter what problem you face, you can count on the experienced and compassionate team at Carley Family Care.

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Traditional Medical Services

Additional Services

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