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Sports Medicine Q & A

What can you expect from sports medicine?

Dr. Carley has years of sports medicine experience, working with athletes, weekend warriors, and patients of all ages who simply enjoy staying active.

As a family physician, he’s familiar with a broad range of issues, from athletes needing balance training and pain management, to young school athletes who want to downplay their symptoms so they can stay in action. He also helps older patients needing customized and gentle exercises to stay healthy.

Examples of sports-related problems often treated at Carley Family Care include:

  • Overuse injuries

  • Muscle strains and ligament sprains

  • Joint pain

  • Back pain

  • Shin splints

  • Knee and shoulder injuries

  • Tennis elbow

How does osteopathic manipulation treat sports injuries?

Dr. Carley is extensively trained in osteopathic manipulation, which he may use alone or to complement conventional medical management of musculoskeletal problems.

Osteopathic manipulation effectively relieves pain (including lower back pain), improves range of motion, and promotes healing of injured muscles, soft tissues, and joints.

Dr. Carley performs multiple types of osteopathic manipulation, depending on your injury. A few examples of osteopathic techniques include:

  • Spinal manipulation: gentle and high-velocity techniques to realign your spine

  • Articular therapy: low-to-moderate velocity techniques to improve range of motion in joints

  • Myofascial release: hands-on therapy to relax tight muscles and trigger points, and loosen fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles)

  • Therapeutic massage: proven to increase movement, improve blood flow, relax muscles, relieve pain, and promote healing

  • Visceral manipulation: relaxes and releases abdominal fascia (connective tissue lining the abdomen and abdominal organs)

  • Muscle energy technique: uses isometric muscle contractions to restore spine function and movement

What other treatments target sports injuries?

When you suffer a sports injury — or an injury caused by an activity — it’s important to prevent further damage to the involved bones, ligaments, tendons, or joints with professional treatment.

After performing a thorough exam and diagnostic imaging when needed, Dr. Carley develops a customized treatment plan that incorporates medical treatment with osteopathic therapies as needed for your condition.

After reducing your pain and swelling, Dr. Carley develops a rehabilitation program including physical therapy to rebuild strength, improve flexibility, and regain mobility.

He teaches young athletes how to prevent sports injuries, helps established athletes develop a training regimen, and creates a customized treatment plan for older patients needing to regain functioning.

When an injury slows you down, call Carley Family Care or book an appointment online so you can safely return to your normal activities.

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