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NeoGen: A Non-Invasive Mini Facelift to Restore and Regenerate Your Skin

Move over lasers, the latest advancement in skin resurfacing has arrived. While laser skin rejuvenation is an excellent option to address many skin issues, NeoGen is a breakthrough alternative that can help you achieve a glowing, youthful complexion. This new technology uses plasma energy to regenerate skin, banishing common skin concerns. If you’re tired of wrinkles, sagging skin and blemishes, then you’re ready for NeoGen skin rejuvenation treatment.

What is NeoGen?

NeoGen uses the power of plasma energy emitted from a handheld device to deliver controlled heat to targeted areas of the skin. The pulses of plasma energy heat deep layers of skin while leaving the top layer unharmed.

The treatment causes the body to shed unhealthy layers of skin and stimulates the production of new, healthy collagen to replace it. After the new skin generates, you’re left with tighter, smoother, younger-looking skin.

What aesthetic concerns can NeoGen address?

NeoGen is a non-surgical alternative to a facelift that can address the following issues:

WrinklesUneven skin toneHyperpigmentationSkin laxityFine linesAcne scarsVisible pores

Treatment with NeoGen is also beneficial if you have issues around the eye area such as drooping eyelids or loose skin.

Fits into all schedules

No matter how tight your schedule, NeoGen is a suitable treatment option, as it requires no downtime. At Carley Family Care, Dr. Jeffrey Carley uses a protocol to rejuvenate your skin without disrupting your daily activities. Following treatment, you can return to work, the gym, and engage in your typical activities.

As new skin emerges, some patients may experience some exfoliation. This is generally very light and most patients don’t notice it.

Versatile treatment

Dr. Carley can customize your treatment to address your individual aesthetic concerns. Unlike lasers, NeoGen skin rejuvenation is beneficial for all skin tones and colors, including darker skin. Consider NeoGen “color blind” in its ability to penetrate deep layers of skin to promote healthy skin production. Your provider can create a treatment plan that addresses multiple concerns, making it one of the most versatile options today.

You can also combine NeoGen with other treatment technologies for ultimate results. For example, after NeoGen treatment your skin will have increased permeability and more readily absorbs topical skin rejuvenation preparations. This means that treatment with NeoGen can improve the results of combined topical treatments.

What can you expect from NeoGen treatment?

NeoGen treatment is fast and convenient. Each session takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area. Patients may need 5-6 sessions for optimal results. Dr. Carley will schedule your sessions 2-3 weeks apart to give the new skin time to generate and heal.

NeoGen utilizes a unique technology that converts gas into plasma energy. The treated layers of skin regenerate and shed once new, healthier skin is formed underneath. This leaves you with no open room or risk for infection.

With NeoGen, you can expect even, optimal results of the entire surface area. The plasma energy technology offers lasting results. Studies show that benefits continue more than a year after treatment.

NeoGen is a proven skin rejuvenation treatment that can restore your skin’s natural radiance and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. To learn more about NeoGen skin rejuvenation at Carley Family Care, call our Kings Mountain, NC office to schedule your initial consultation or book online today.

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