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What causes cellulite and can I get rid of it?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

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Cellulite is a common problem that goes by many names. Some call it “cottage-cheese” while others refer to it as “orange-peel skin,” and it’s even known as “hail damage” or “the mattress phenomenon.” Whatever name you have for it, this unsightly condition changes the appearance of your skin by creating dimples, depressions, and sagging.

You may not be able to prevent cellulite from developing, but the experienced team at Carley Family Care can reduce its appearance with innovative aesthetic therapies like ThermiSmooth® Body treatments.

Getting to the source of cellulite

Your fat cells and connective tissue lie beneath the surface of your skin. When your fat cells begin protruding into your skin layer, it causes the appearance of cellulite. Exactly why this happens is unclear, but hormones and age play a significant role.

When you start approaching menopause, your estrogen levels decrease, and your fat cells enlarge. At the same time, blood flow to your connective tissue reduces.

This affects the circulation of oxygen to the area, and your collagen production drops. Collagen is a vital protein responsible for your skin’s firmness. As your connective tissue weakens, your fat deposits become more visible, causing cellulite to appear.

Additional factors that can lead to cellulite include genes affecting your metabolism, fat distribution, circulation, and ethnicity. Cellulite development has also been linked to:

SmokingSitting or standing for long periods of timeWearing tight underwear that reduces blood flowFollowing a low-fiber diet high in salt, fat, and carbohydrates

While men can get cellulite, it’s far more prevalent in women. Cellulite is also more common after 25 years of age, but it can appear in anyone at any time and even affect slim people who are physically fit.

Eliminating your cellulite with ThermiSmooth Body treatments

To reduce the appearance of cellulite, you have to break up the connective tissue underneath your skin. The expert team at Carley Family Care relies on ThermiSmooth Body’s cutting-edge technology to safely and effectively eliminate cellulite and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

ThermiSmooth Body is a noninvasive treatment that uses precise, temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to penetrate the connective tissue beneath your skin. This gentle procedure can be used to reduce cellulite on multiple areas of your body, including:

ArmsAbdomenFlanks and backChest and breastsHips, thighs, and buttocksKnees, calves, and ankles

The warming energy of ThermiSmooth Body stimulates collagen production in the area. This increased collagen fills the dimples and pockets of cellulite while also tightening your skin and giving it a smoother appearance.

What to expect from ThermiSmooth Body

During your appointment, your Carley Family Care technician applies a gel to your treatment site to help conduct ThermiSmooth Body’s thermal energy through your skin. While you relax comfortably, your technician moves the ThermiSmooth applicator continuously in a smooth pattern through the gel for 15 minutes while monitoring the treatment temperature. Many people describe ThermiSmooth Body therapy as feeling like a warm massage.

For best results, your Carley Family Care provider typically recommends a series of 4-6 sessions over 6-8 weeks. There’s no downtime, so you can resume normal activities immediately.

You don’t have wait to reduce the appearance of your cellulite, call Carley Family Care or schedule an appointment online today.

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