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SALTFACIAL Skin Renewal Therapy system

Innovative, Unique, & Versatile 

The SaltFacial™ SRT answers the demand of health-conscious people. Are you looking for noninvasive ways to restore, replenish and revitalize their skin, naturally? 

SaltFacial™ can revitalize your skin, with natural sea salt exfoliation, gentle radiofrequency and LED phototherapy. As a 3-step procedure, The SaltFacial™ SRT is safe and effective for all skin types, delivering results with virtually no side effects and no downtime, resulting in excellent patient satisfaction. 

SaltFacial™ can successfully treat

• Uneven skin tone • Acne • Fine lines • Wrinkles
• Sun damage • Stretch marks • Age spots
• Enlarged pores • Pigmentation excess
• Skin lightening • Collagen stimulation
• Post-surgery healing 

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